Re: [gtk-osx-users] Gtk-osx and webkit-1.6.1

On 10 Jun 2014, at 16:50, Tony Kubalak <apk cray com> wrote:

I have successfully built webkit-1.6.1 using gtk-osx and jhbuild.  I have also
successfully linked the libraries into my application and generated the bundle.  When I run the application 
the webkit portion correctly displays html pages when the uri begins with "http://";. However, when the uri 
begins with "file://" I get the html source displayed and not the rendered version.

Has anyone seen this problem?  Do you have a solution for it?  Is this corrected in a later version?  If so 
which one?  From an internet search I found a couple of others with the same problem, but there was no 
solution given that I could see.

I am running MacOSX Lion.

We've been using WebKit for several years in GnuCash without any problems, and we only open local files. The 
relevant code is in

John Ralls

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