[gtk-osx-users] What is Window menu operaration logic - help needed

Hi all,
I am working on Bluefish port to OSX 10.8. Suceeded to compile Bluefish with gtk+3.6 .4, glib 2.34.3 and GtkOsxApplication 2.0.1. Now I am trying to figure out how Window menu works, since it looks a little bit inconsistent. Windows menu is created with ..._set_window_menu() call.
By default it should track the application windows that are opened. When I create new gtk TOPLEVEL window, it adds window name to the list of the windows. However, when I destroy window (using (gtk_widget_destroy()), the window name is not always removed from the list. It looks that whether it is removed or not depends on how window is configured and what actions user did with the window. For example, if I set window to be transient with gtk_window_set_transient_for(), then the window is not removed from the list. The same window that is not set to be transient, is removed. If after creation of the window it looses focus, then it is not removed. If window stays focused after creation, everything is fine. And so on.
Is there some ideas what causes the window to be not removed from the list? Can somebody explain how the logic of adding/removing items from the list works?
Thanks in advance.

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