[gtk-osx-users] when to call gtkosx_application_ready() in an application that initializes in an idle callback

Hi all,

we're currently working to fix some issues with Bluefish on OSX.
Bluefish initializes the GUI in an idle callback. So gtk_main() is
called very early (before there is a window created).

I have a question when to call gtkosx_application_ready().

If I call it when the first window is ready, everything works fine
except for one issue: if the application is started from the finder
(using 'open with'), the "NSApplicationOpenFile" signal is not called
for that filename. Once the application is running, the
"NSApplicationOpenFile" signal works fine.

However, if I call it before gtk_main() as stated in the documentation,
I get two 'apple' icons in the top menu bar on the left, and the
NSApplicationOpenFile" signal is working as expected.

How should I handle this?


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