[gtk-osx-users] GLib-GIO-Error "No GSettings schemas" with GtkFileChooserDialog

Hi all,

I started using GTK+3 on OSX very recently and I'm wondering if anybody
could help me out with GtkFileChooserDialog.

I'm trying to use the "typical usage" example in the docs for an Open
dialog. It crashes on the call to gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() with
this error and I'm not sure why:

GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system

Scouring the web, the only useful suggestion I've found is running
"glib-compile-schemas ~/gtk/inst/share/glib-2.0/schemas". The timestamp
on "gschemas.compiled" changes but it otherwise makes no difference.

This is voodoo to me... I don't really know what's going on. :) However
if I have a simple installation problem then I would be satisfied to
just fix it for now.

Does anyone have any pointers?

Thanks and regards,


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