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On Nov 1, 2013, at 3:31 AM, Pierre Boutillier <pierre boutillier laposte net> wrote:

Sorry me again (By the way, am I in the good place by sending email or should I report bugs ?)

Compiling gobject-introspection on MacOS 10.6 has always been a nightmare for and I really often end with the error message I copy/paste at the end of this message.

This is not exactly my point here (even if having a working object-introspection would allow me to compile gtk3 …)

  <autotools id="gtk+" autogen-sh="autoreconf"
             autogenargs="--with-gdktarget=quartz --enable-quartz-relocation --disable-introspection">
      <dep package="gobject-introspection"/>

Sorry for the delay; I meant to answer this at the time and then forgot.

If you want gtk3, you want to build the module gtk+-3.0, or more likely meta-gtk-osx-gtk3.
Gobject-introspection doesn't work particularly well with Gtk2, and therefore isn't used by many bindings. It's a dependency primarily because gtk2's needs introspection.m4 and it's not in the tarballs or git repo.

The mailing list is a good place to get help, component mac-integration is the place to file bugs.

John Ralls

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