Re: [gtk-osx-users] VTE widget

I found what generates the error.
The program (or something else) in the bundle tries to use file $HOME/gtk/inst/libexec/gnome-pty-helper instead of the copy of gnome-pty-helper inside the bundle.
How can I fix this? Can install_name_tool help?

2013/4/6 Fabio Leone <fab leo gmail com>
Hi everyone.
I'm developing on Mac OS X Lion an application that uses the VteTerminal widget (

On Lion everything works fine, but executing the application bundle on Mountain Lion I've got this error when creating a new terminal:

fcntl (F_SETFL): inappropriate ioctl for device

Could this error due to some difference between Lion and Mountain Lion in tty management?
Or maybe something is missing in the bundle?
Any idea on how to solve the problem?

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