Re: [gtk-osx-users] Nice "native" theme

On May 30, 2012, at 7:46 AM, Gabriele Greco wrote:

> Anyone can suggest a nice theme for GTK+ 2 to make the "native" GTK apps seems a bit more OSX like? 

I'm answering myself after trying a few of them without success...

I tried the native engine, gtk-quartz-engine, both in the 0.2 version that you get through jhbuild, both in some user modified version that I find in:

There are minor differences but they work generally not very well, they do a particular poor job rendering notebooks and frames. I've also looked at the sources and I've been frightened by the amount of FIXME comments :)

I've also tried the "aqua" theme, this is a pixmap engine theme, but still have problems with frames and tabs, also the buttons do not size properly in every situation....

What theme/engine do you use in your OSX releases?

I do not need to have a theme that mimic a 100% native cocoa app, but something that makes the app somewhat nicer than the default GTK, not totally "alien"  and does not have problems with a lot of widget like the themes I've tried till now...

For Gnucash and Gramps, I don't ship any theme with the releases because they all have problems and I don't want to inflict those on random, perhaps not-computer-proficient, users. I tried out some of the clearlooks OS-X style themes a couple of years ago and decided that the ones I tried were more trouble than they're worth. 

The gtk-quartz-engine was never properly finished when Richard withdrew from the project, and although I poked at it a bit a couple of time I've never set it very high on my priority list... and no one else has come along who's really interested in properly supporting it, either. A couple of people, including Rick Caelers, fixed some stuff, oh, 3 years or so ago, and I pulled in those changes. I wouldn't suggest distributing it to users.

Sorry I'm not more help. 

John Ralls

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