Re: [gtk-osx-users] Where gtksourceview look ?

On Apr 27, 2012, at 5:22 AM, Pierre Boutillier wrote:

> Hi,
> after an .local/bin/jhbuild install gtksourceview
> on my computer gtksourceview is not completely working beacause each time I load an application I see
> GtkSourceView-WARNING **: Failed to load '*****.lang': could not find the RelaxNG schema file
> Indeed gtk_source_language_manager_get_search_path tells me that {/usr/{local/,}share,~/.local/share}/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/ are in my path but there is no mention of ~/gtk/inst/share/....
> I should be able to fix this with a environment variable (I do not search yet) but is the problem on my side or is there a configure script that does not do its job ?

Remember to use `jhbuild shell` to get your environment set up for working on your gtk programs. Unlike Fink and MacPorts, Gtk-OSX doesn't pollute your default environment -- which allows you to have more than one Gtk-OSX environment configured differently for different projects.

I'm not familiar with gtk-sourceview's config scripts, but it's likely that it's intended for a "normal" Linux installation and isn't able to find the right files to modify on a Mac. I suggest setting whatever environment variables you need in your .jhbuildrc-custom so that gtk-sourceview is set up properly when you run `jhbuild shell.`
> I've got an indirectly related question. I'm lost in mac-integration stuff : what is ige-mac-integration ? An old name for the integration lib ? It's written that gtk-mac-integration is deprecated but it is what is installed by jhbuild. Maybe you want to mean that gtk-mac-integration/gtk-mac-integration.h is deprecated but gtk-mac-integration/GtkOSXApplication.h is not.
> In this case, why do you refert to the doc of ige-mac-integration on the web where GtkOSXApplication api is not the one provided by the gtk-mac-integration (gtk_osxapplication_add_app_menu_item with groups vs gtk_osxapplication_insert_app_menu_item, help&window menu stuff).
> What should I rely on ?

Rely on the GnomeLive! article at

Ige-mac-integration is an old name for gtk-mac-integration. It was originally written by Richard Hult when he owned a company called Imendio AG, and the "ige" prefix refers to that company. When it became an official Gnome project in fall 2010, I thought that the reference to Imendio (no longer in business) in the name wasn't really appropriate anymore and renamed it.

I suppose it's a bit confusing that the project and the deprecated library share the same name. I'll try to improve the GnomeLive! article to remedy that. I should also note that gtk+-3.4 has code to integrate with the OSX menubar directly. I haven't taken time to test that out yet, but that's clearly the path for the future.

John Ralls

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