Re: [gtk-osx-users] Patching lib goffice to use it in bundle

On Oct 3, 2011, at 10:49 PM, Gérald Niel wrote:

> (copy on Grisbi's devel list)
> Hi,
> I'm the french maintainer of Grisbi binary on Mac OS X (so, sorry for my english). We use with success gtk-osx to integrate the App in OSX and produce bundle.
> Recently, developers decide to use the lib goffice for generate graphics. It works fine, but not in bundle because GOFFICE_LIBS is hardcoded at the compilation time.
> Could you help us to patch it ?
> What is the best way to find goffice's plugins in the bundle, how to relatively (or dynamically) fix GOFFICE_LIBS ?
> And after, what is the best way to include the patch in the modulset i've do (grisbi.modules) ?

That's odd. Gnucash uses libgoffice and we've never had a problem with bundling it. What version are you using?

It would be better to file a bug against goffice and have their devs fix it. Hard-coding paths is rude. But are you sure that it doesn't respond to the usual mechanisms (LD_LIBRARY_PATH or setting GOFFICE_LIBS in the environment)?

The best way to find resources in a bundle is to use NSBundle (or CFBundle if you're allergic to objective-c). The easiest way is to set an environment variable in the launcher script.

John Ralls

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