Re: [gtk-osx-users] gdkpixmap/pixbufs missing w/ige-mac-bundler

On Nov 23, 2011, at 10:51 AM, Anthony J Bybell wrote:

> John,
> Nice work on the gtk-osx stuff. I've (mostly) managed to port gtkwave found in my SF subversion repository over to working with the jhbuild environment for quartz, using menu integration, etc.
> Some quick questions/comments. Apologies if I'm asking something out on the wiki but I didn't see any answers to these:
> 1) It appears that pixmaps/pixbufs that I create from xpm_d data in memory don't render at all when running from the created .app from ige-mac-bundler though gtkwave works fine from the command line. Is there an external helper or dynamic library resolved at runtime that I need to include with binary tags in my .bundle file?
> 2) Cut and paste seems mostly ok when using modulesets vs modulesets-stable. I had to apply a workaround to prevent crashes when dragging files from the Finder. Some DnD ops drop on the floor (but not in X11) and I probably should look at my DnD code as I abuse the mechanism slightly.
> 3) GtkCTree has issues with rendering when opening/closing a tree node. I was able to work around this by using a gtk_widget_hide+gtk_widget_show combo in my expander/collapse callbacks, but it does appear to be a toolkit issue as this doesn't happen in X11. Yes, I realize it's a deprecated widget and will yank it out when I convert the code base over to GTK3 eventually.
> For #2 and #3, I can put more details on bugzilla as that's probably a better place for it. I seem to have workarounds for those, so I'm not dead in the water and don't know if they're worth reporting on bugzilla. 
> Once again, thanks for the great work on the native Mac stuff.


Thanks for the kind words, but please do use the mailing list rather than emailing me directly.

If your pixbufs load from the command line but not from the bundle, then either you've left something out of the bundle or you used compiled-in paths instead of a dynamic locator (quartz_application_get_resource_path(), for example) to find your something. If you've made good use of g_return_if_fail() in your code there should be some diagnostics in the Console log. Do the "stock" pixbufs from Gtk load?

There was a problem with DnD that I fixed on Monday, and gtk-2-24-quartz had fallen a bit behind gtk-2-24 (I stopped doing the nightly merges because Emmanuel Bassi complained about the noise in Git). I've just done a merge and pushed, so try building again with "modulesets". If you're still having problems with DnD, open a bug against gtk-quartz in bugzilla.

GtkCTree has been deprecated for a long time (since Gtk+-2.0 if you believe the note in the docs), and hasn't had any significant maintenance in years. You're not going to get anyone to be interested in working on it, so the sooner you migrate your code to GtkTreeView the better.

John Ralls

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