[Gtk-osx-users] Moduleset realignment

I decided last weekend that it's silly to build Python in bootstrap as the Python which comes with Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion are quite adequate for building... the only reason to build a Python is if you're distributing a pygtk-based or pygi-based application and need a consistent python version for all of your users. Python is now in gtk-osx-python.modules.

My motivation was Gramps, which needs Python built with berkeleydb; I was having to build Python over after building that; I also found that running Python interactively without readline is a PITA. Readline is now in bootstrap, but I wonder if it belongs somewhere else so that it can be called as a dependency. Along that line I suspect that having anything that isn't a build-tool should be in a regular moduleset, perhaps adding a new one, gtk-osx-basics.modules to collect things like libiconv, libgettext, libxml2, libxslt, readline, and probably some others that don't come immediately to mind.

Another motivation for getting python into a regular moduleset is that recent versions of Glib (since the end of April or so) require Python-2.7, but there were some issues that cropped up in Gramps with 2.7 -- so I want to have 2.6.6 in stable and 2.7 in unstable. Since there are undoubtedly packages looking to migrate to Python3, I think I should add that (as a separate module) to unstable as well.

Any comments?

John Ralls

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