Re: [Gtk-osx-users] GTK 3

On Feb 13, 2011, at 10:32 AM, David Lowe wrote:

> 	What does the new release mean to us?

Depends on what value of "us". Gtk-OSX builds gtk3. Ige-mac-integration works with gtk3 in C, but not Python because I haven't yet learnt to use pygobject instead of pygtk. 

The rest is up to application developers. Stable is now using Gtk2-2.24.0, the last of version 2 which still has all of the deprecated functions and stuff as well as the new stuff. It's up to application developers to port their apps to Gtk3. They (you?) probably have a year before users of the faster-moving distros like Ubuntu start complaining that they have to back-install Gtk2 to use an application. On the other hand, the slower-moving distros (Debian and RHEL) just shipped new releases without it, and their cycle time is about 3 years, so application developers are going to have to decide how to support both Gtk2 and Gtk3 for at least that long.

I'll add a stable Gtk3 (the module will be called gtk+-3.0, just as it is in unstable) soon. At some point, perhaps a year or so, the module names will swap and gtk+ will be for 3.0 and to build gtk2 you'll use gtk+-2.0; at that point Gtk3 will be the default when you build meta-gtk-osx-core.

GObject-introspection is still a bit troublesome on OSX, but works most of the time for both 2 and 3.

John Ralls

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