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On Nov 30, 2010, at 4:46 AM, Gim Photo wrote:

thanks for detailed info about creating app bundle.

i have success creating gimp bundle and it is running oke on my computer,
but when i testing the bundle using other computer, there is an error message:

"There was an error parsing the menu definition from image-menu.xml: Failed to open file '/Users/ekk/gtk/inst/share/gimp/2.0/menus/image-menu.xml': No such file or directory"

when i ran gimp on testing computer, gimp toolbox is appear but none of menu items is showing.
it's look like gimp is still trying to access my user account at my actual computer that not exist at testing computer.
how i can fix that error?

and, is that possible to use 2 different user account to create gtk-osx build system for 32 bit system and for 64 bit system?

i'm sorry for many questions because i'm new on osx and on gtk-osx.
thank you very much for your valuable helps and informations.

The first problem is caused by Gimp using a hard-coded path to find their data files. Very sloppy of them. You can either patch Gimp to fix that or you can compile to a neutral prefix (/Library is standard for Macs, but it requires that the user be an admin to install there; /usr/local and /opt are often used in other Unixes, but both require sudo authentication to install in them) and then create a symlink from there to your app bundle in the launcher script.

Sure, it's possible to do it with two different user accounts, but it's easier to use two prefixes and checkoutdirs.

John Ralls

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