Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Building Gtk+ 2.20?

On May 25, 2010, at 7:14 AM, Jacob Ole Juul Kolding wrote:

> John Ralls wrote:
>> On May 25, 2010, at 3:23 AM, Jacob Ole Juul Kolding wrote:
>>> I've just made a fresh build of gtk-osx, but pkg-config --modversion 
>>> still return 2.18.2.
>>> Have I done something wrong or is this the only version available for OS X?
>>> Is it possible to build now gtk+-2.20 and glade 3.7.1?
>> It's possible to build any version you want. You just have to modify your local moduleset and point jhbuild at it. 
>> I only change the versions in the stable moduleset every 6 months or so; it's too time-consuming to keep up with every release on every package. 
>> Do note, though, that I provide three modulesets, and modulesets-unstable builds the current git master for each package. 
> I tried changing to unstable but that apparently got me gtk+ 2.90.1 ?

Well, the git repo shows 2.90.0 as the latest tag, and I think that their practice is to bump the version in to the next rev when they make a tag (the opposite of mine; I bump to a new rev just before tagging for that rev), so that should be correct.

What were you expecting?

BTW, I think 2.90.x installs to gtk+-3.0, so most dependent packages will pick up your last build installed to gtk+-2.0. Consequently, you might want to set a different branch in jhbuild-custom. (e.g., branches["gtk+"] = (None, "gtk-2.20") )

John Ralls

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