Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Can't compile gtk-osx - autoconf version

On May 31, 2010, at 7:58 AM, Alexander Ivanenko wrote:

> Oops. Sorry for asking stupid questions - I've just missed the fact that gtk-osx incompatible with macports. Going to return to gtk-osx compilation in near future - I'm using macports +quartz version for now, but it has several cosmetic bugs which I hope are fixed in latest sourceforge project version... 

That would depend on what the bugs are and what version MacPorts is using.  Remember that both MacPorts and Gtk-OSX are build systems, and that any real issues are in gtk, not those projects. The quartz to do list is tracked at, and you can get a flavor of other issues from the buglist (there's a link on the GnomeLive page).

One thing that you can do with Gtk-OSX that (AFAIK) you can't with MacPorts is to build a current development stack. Just switch to moduleset-unstable and almost everything is built from git master or svn trunk. Warning, though: The current Gtk+ master builds Gtk+-3.0, and it's possible that not all of the Gnome libraries have converted yet, meaning that they'd build against whatever Gtk+2.0 libraries you have in that prefix (or fail, if you haven't built a Gtk+-2.0). That's even more likely for non-Gnome applications.

The easy way to have both Gtk-OSX and MacPorts on one machine is to have separate users for each. Fast User Switching makes this fairly painless.

John Ralls

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