Re: [Gtk-osx-users] pcre.h missing?

> The best thing to do would be to convince the Bluefish development team that they should be using GRegex, not libpcre directly, because GRegex integrates with the rest of GLib's memory management, and to reduce their external dependencies.

I'm the lead developer so I mostly have to convince myself ;-)
but we have quite some code that uses pcre, so it's not a small change...

> Failing that, you could write a phoney libpcre.pc file (since Bluefish finds libpcre via pkg-config) that points to glib-2.22.2/glib/pcre/pcre.h. If that's to hackey for you, write a module for pcre and just build it. The library is only 532K, it won't add much to your bundle's size.

but that will add another 532K of memory usage, while the library
exists on OSX .....


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