Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Trouble loading images with gtk-osx ('Couldn't recognize the image file format for file')

On Nov 2, 2009, at 7:53 PM, John Pye wrote:

> John Ralls wrote:
>> On Sep 23, 2009, at 11:28 PM, John Pye wrote:
>>> 24/09/09 4:21:47 PM [0x0-0x8f08f].edu.cmu.cheme.ascend[3877]
>>> (ascend:3877): libglade-WARNING **: Error loading image: Couldn't
>>> recognize the image file format for file
>>> '/Users/john/ascinst/Applications/
>>> glade/incidence.png'
>> When you run "open" from the command line, your shell
>> environment is passed in to the application; when you double-click in
>> Finder, a default environment is passed in, modified by ~/.MacOS/
>> Make sure that your startup script sets all the environment variables
>> your app needs before exec-ing your program.
> I finally identified what the offending/missing environment variables
> were here. What needs to be added to the environment can be seen here:
>    if platform.system()=="Darwin":
>        if not 'XDG_DATA_HOME' in os.environ:
>            os.environ['XDG_DATA_HOME']=os.path.expanduser('~/.local/ 
> share')
> #            os.environ['XDG_CONFIG_HOME']=os.path.expanduser 
> ('~/.config')
> #            os.environ['XDG_CACHE_HOME']=os.path.expanduser 
> ('~/.cache')
> #            os.environ['XDG_CONFIG_DIRS']='/sw/etc/xdg'
>            os.environ['XDG_DATA_DIRS']='/sw/share'
> #            os.environ['XML_CATALOG_FILES']='/sw/etc/xml/catalog'
>            restart = 1
> So, basically, I need to have XDG_DATA_DIRS and XDG_DATA_HOME in my
> environment in order for GTK's image loading routines to work  
> correctly!
> What is this XDG thing, and why does GTK-OSX (or at least my copy of  
> it)
> depend upon it?
> Does this imply that I didn't have a clean environment when I built  
> GTK?
> Cheers
> JP

XDG is a way for applications to have an extra set of directories for  
configuration and data storage, which can be configured in the  
environment at runtime.

What's with the /sw tree? That usually comes from Fink -- which  
certainly would suggest that you don't have a clean environement.

The other directories you're pointing XDG at are a bit odd, too. Gtk- 
OSX uses .local by default only for build tools like jhbuild and ige- 
mac-bundler. The completed application shouldn't need to refer to  
anything there. ~/.cache/jhbuild is used by jhbuild to cache  
downloaded patches and modulesets; again, something that the finished  
application shouldn't need to worry about. ~/.config is used by gtk+,  
but it's a default location, so I can't think of a good reason why  
you'd need XDG to find it unless your app needs dbus.

John Ralls

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