[Gtk-osx-users] GTK-OSX not clipping between non-toplevel sibling widgets

Hello -- We have a cross-platform windowing system written in lisp,
which on the Linux platform is built on top of GTK, where it works fine.
Now I'm trying to bring it up on GTK-OSX, and there's a basic problem.
It comes up and runs, but from what I'm seeing on the screen, it appears
that it's not doing basic clipping between non-top-level windows (GTK
widgets), and so a window often gets drawn over sibling or cousin
windows that are in front of it.  This includes widgets that GTK draws
as well as widgets that we're drawing.  Is there a known difference
related to this in GTK-OSX, or should it work the same as on X?  Can
anyone suggest what parts of the GTK API I should be looking at in our
code to debug this?  I'm not seeing anything in the GTK API that would
give me control over clipping between windows, other than the
GDK_CLIP_BY_CHILDREN flag, though that flag is presumably on by default
and it doesn't help to enable it explicitly.

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