[gtk-osx-devel] python3 modules


The xpra project is finally trying to migrate from GTK2 to GTK3, and
also making the jump to Python 3 whilst we're at it.
We have a fairly large number of python module dependencies for which we
have created a moduleset:

What is the recommended way to build the same module for both python2
and python3?
I was hoping to minimize the moduleset duplication, but the python3
version needs to depend on "python3" so they need a different XML node.
Unless we can just remove the python dependency altogether and always
ensure it is built early?

Then I was hoping to use the distutils "python3" attribute to avoid
having to mess with symlinks from python to python3, but that didn't
seem to have the desired effect. Am I missing something?

Another problem with building them twice is that jhbuild will keep the
existing checkout directory since the path is the same, and the source
doesn't get cleaned automatically so it seems quite easy to get things
messed up.

Are there any better solutions?

BTW, I believe there's a mistake on the home page:
It should say:
ln -sf python3-config python-config
Instead of:
ln -sf python3-config python


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