Re: The Future?

On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 at 16:16, Igor Korot <ikorot01 gmail com> wrote:
>> How about porting recent GTK version to OpenVMS?
> If you want to add a new platform to GTK, you will need to:

Here is the problem - it is not a new port.
The last version of GTK+ on OpenVMS is GTK+1.x.
The last GTK 1.x release (1.2.10) was last released 18 years ago. Compared to the existing GTK code base—both in the stable (3.24) and master (4.0-pre) branches—is a completely different project.
There was an effort to upgrade GTK+ for OpenVMS, but unfortunately it failed.

Not much we can do about that.
Now out of curiosity - do you have access to OpenVMS?

No. Which is why I wrote:

>  - ensure that GTK master and gtk-3-24 build on it
>  - open merge requests for every needed fix, if any
>  - add a GitLab CI runner, so that we can test every commit and merge request on that platform, and ensure we don't regress

These are the *minimum* requirements for any support to exist. We'd also need somebody knowledgeable with the OpenVMS platform to keep things working when the build changes.

I assume OpenVMS still uses X11, so there's no need for a separate windowing system, but of course every platform has its own quirks, so everything that GTK depends upon will need to work on OpenVMS.



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