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On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 7:54 AM Jerome Flesch <jflesch kwain net> wrote:
Le 2019-03-10 12:01, Kasper Peeters a écrit :
>> 1. GTK is not so cross-platform anymore: on Windows and macOS, you
>> are supposed to build your own library binaries (gvsbuild for Windows
>> and jhbuild for macOS exist, but are not foolproof).
> That's definitely not true; on Windows there's vcpkg and on macOS
> there is Homebrew; both let you install reasonably up-to-date versions
> of GTK3 with a single command line.

For Windows, there is also Msys2 ( ). It may be
more handy for porting applications from Linux to Windows. This is what
I intend to use to build the next versions of Paperwork ( ) for Windows.

I've also had extreme difficulty in the past with deploying on Windows. Not being a ( proficient ) C developer, and not having experience with building on Windows didn't help. I've toyed with broadway ( including writing an authentication layer, app launcher and transparent proxy ) for giving Windows users a relatively painless way of accessing apps, though was discouraged from this by statements of broadway being experimental and probably not making it through the gtk-4 work. More recently this may have changed ( there were a bunch of commits to broadway stuff for gtk-4 ), though from a user perspective there are still some bits missing. I've recently ( last year or so ) switched to deploying with Flatpak, and this has worked astonishingly well. In particular, Alexander Larsson's work:
  ... has given us a very easy path for at least bringing up our apps on Windows. You still need an X Server ( I use MobaXterm, though I assume we could build and package an X server too? ). The only thing that hasn't worked out-of-the-box for us has been maximising windows. This is a bit nasty, but with some hacks to save + restore window geometry, it's not a deal-breaker. Keep in mind we haven't done a production deployment yet ( luckily all clients recently have been fine with running Linux ), but I've done a reasonable amount ( many hours ) of testing and only found this 1 issue.

I would suggest people who need windows binaries check out the Flatpak angle.


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