RE: I really need help with themes and setting css items in program

Hi Damon,


The thing is that Adwaita is now the default theme for GTK+3.x.  The win32 theme, though, as it is not maintained much nowadays, should not be used unless one is intending to make it up-to-date.


The reason why you don’t see it in your installation is that the Adwaita theme files are built directly into the GTK DLL via GResources (see the gtk.gresource.xml that is generated during the build).


Unfortunately I can’t help very much on the theme part nor CSS (which is what is used to create the GTK themes), but it might help to post a link to the screenshots that you might have which you think is problematic for you and any gtkrc (or so, I may be wrong on this) that you might be using.


Note for Adwaita to work fully, you need the adwaita-icon-themes package installed at the right place, and you would likely need librsvg (specifically, the GDK-Pixbuf svg loader that comes with librsvg, which clearly will depend on the librsvg DLL).


Hope this helps


With blessings, and cheers!



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