Re: Emitting signals from threads

I never said it worked with g_idle_add() (or if I did, I made a typing
mistake). Actually, what I said is that it *doesn't* work with

I am not entirely sure what bug "in my code" I could have found since
my code is not responsible for managing and/or painting the columns.
This should be handled entirely in the library. The only thing that
the threaded signal callback is doing is changing the *model*, which
should be allowed. The button click callback is obviously executing
the same code

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On Tue, 8 Jan 2019 10:02:58 -0800
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Thanks for the reply.

When calling g_main_context_invoke_full(), I am using NULL as the
context pointer. According to the documentation of

        "If context is NULL then the global default main context — as
returned by g_main_context_default() — is used."

So, the code should be using the correct context.

One of the main reasons why I am not using g_idle_add() is the timing
of the callback. I don't want to defer the processing of the callback
to the "idle" time since this is signal handling related. Another
advantage of g_main_context_invoke[_full]() is that it will check the
"context" of the caller and, if possible, will call the callback

       "If context is owned by the current thread, function is called
directly. Otherwise, if context is the thread-default main context of
the current thread and g_main_context_acquire()
       succeeds, then function is called and g_main_context_release()
is called afterwards.
       In any other case, an idle source is created to call function
and that source is attached to context (presumably to be run in
another thread). The idle source is attached with
       G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT priority. If you want a different priority,
use g_main_context_invoke_full()."

Your suggested implementation is basically the GLib's async queues.
Or, may be, a custom event source. However, it seems that
g_main_context_invoke_full() should be doing exactly that. With all
due respect, I also don't see how it would solve the issue. If the
current implementation has an problem with locking/race conditions,
would your suggested implementation suffer from the same issue since
it's using the same or similar mechanism for calling the callback?

"With all due respect" this is fine, but I am not sure what more your
interlocutor can say.  If your code works with g_idle_add() but not
with g_main_context_invoke_full() then you have a timing issue in your
code caused by the fact that the callbacks for the default main loop via
g_main_context_invoke_full() may be executed before the callbacks for
earlier invocations of g_idle_add().

If it doesn't work with either of them then you have some other issue.
It is possible you have found a bug in glib but more likely you have
found a bug in your code.
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