Re: Gtk3 text view anchored in text view cannot get cursor inside (Ok in Gtk2)

Hi Andres, in my application cherrytree I give the user the possibility to have so called code boxes ( ) so in between rich text you can have a syntax highlighted code box.
This is very appreciated from the end users and it's a pity that gtk3 does not seem to support it while gtk2 did. 

On Wed, 13 Feb 2019, 10:53 Andres Fernandez <andres softwareperonista com ar wrote:

El jue., 7 de feb. de 2019 04:42, Giuseppe Penone via gtk-list <gtk-list gnome org> escribió:

The problem happens only building for GTK3; building the exact same code for GTK2 works fine.

In the code, posted to:// , I'm having a text view anchored into another text view. The problem is that even if I mouse click, I cannot have the cursor move inside the nested text view to write text. The cursor can instead easily get into the anchored text entry just below.

I'm trying to understand what are you nesting two GtkTextView. What are trying to get? I mean, GtkTextView is meant to show text from a buffer not to contain another widget.

Is there no other desing that fit better with the porpuse of those widget but still giving you something near to your original idea?


Andrés Fernández
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