Win32 WM_NCDESTROY to GDK Window to GTK Widget signal

Good day,


I am having a field trip working on GTK+ inside our app here. Mostly, I am currently trying to integrate a GTK container to an existing foreign (Win32) window. I was able to import the parent, import the events, get things being sent out to me. However, I am having issues with parent (foreign, system) window being destroyed and propagating the event to my container.


What seems to happen is the WM_NCDESTROY event is being sent out to GDK because its hierarchy is getting destroyed by Win32, and then, it seems GDK does the good thing destroying all its structures and pushes the destruction to all its known children, but it doesn’t propagate the good news to the Widget. It doesn’t seem to send events internally nor externally, and I don’t seem to get any event on the GTK side to tell I don’t have a surface, or got destroyed or anything.


Anyone knows a quick and efficient way to propagate this to an user function so I can call destroy on the GTK Widget itself, or having GDK/GTK binding to tell when the GDKWindow gets destroyed, its GTKWidget should get destroyed too.



Michel Donais

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