Re: How do you tell another process which widget to put into a plug?

Op 01/15/2018 om 10:18 PM schreef sandmanbig:
I am trying to write a global menu bar app so that I can learn how
they work. I know how to obtain the active window, but according to
the Xembed spec, the client (the app that has the menubar) creates a
GtkPlug and places the widget into that plug.

Be aware that your app will be limited to X and will most likely never
run on wayland.

My question is, how do I tell process B that I want to embed its
menubar using GtkSocket and GtkPlug in process A? I have found a
handful of articles saying how to embed an entire app into a window,
but I have not been able to find anything about how to embed a certain

One approach is calling the app to be plugged into the socket with a
command-line argument (eg --socket-id) . Another would be to set an
environment variable but that is a bit ugly imho.


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