Re: Building gtk2 and linking against glib

20.12.2018 13:48 Vanessa McHale <vanessa mchale iohk io> wrote:

I have set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to

[ cut ]


[ cut ]

Both look correct.

These both are set when calling ./configure.

Do you mean that these variables are set before ./configure is called
or that ./configure is setting them like that?

As you may guess, glib was
installed to /home/vanessa/.cpkg/glib-2.58.1-5d63859100b91037/


The config.log contains

[ cut ]

Again I can't see anything unusual. This makes me think that maybe
the problem is trivial but just lies in a place where we are not looking.
My another guess is that maybe LD_LIBRARY_PATH is modified later by some
script. Or maybe there is some preload which enforces the specific version
of glib2? Have you got LD_PRELOAD variable set to anything?

Which is perplexing to me.

I'll have a look at jhbuild in the meantime.

I hope this helps.



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