RE: Cannot Display Colour Emojis with gtk+-3.22.24

Subject: Cannot Display Colour Emojis with gtk+-3.22.24

I'm trying to display colour emojis with gtk+-3.22.24, cairo-1.15.8, 
pango-1.40.12, fontconfig-2.12.6, freetype-2.8.1 and harfbuzz-1.6.0.

I can get black and white emojis without problems, but cannot 
display colour emojis with, for example, gedit-3.22.1.

Is there a trick to this? Do only certain gtk3 apps display colour emojis?

Do you also have a color emoji font installed?

Ah, yes - I forgot to mention that:


It seems SVG in OpenType is not supported.

Using CBLC/CBDT fonts from here:

..has fixed the problem and color emoji work now. 

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