Re: Broken link in docs - GdkEventMask

Hey Eric. Yours is looking nice :) At the moment, I'm just drawing rectangular bars in my graphs:

I'm not on top of the maths required for nice curvy lines at this point, but I should read up on it. There have been more pressing issues to deal with up to this point. Anyway I'll check out your project - thanks for the link :)


On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 12:23 PM, <cecashon aol com> wrote:

Hi Dan,

A little aside here. I put together a multigraph widget. Works better than my last attempt at drawing many graphs in one drawing area.

Yep, a lot of linear equations and loops. Cairo can draw fast so it does well. Better than I thought it would. Haven't captured any kwh with it though. Haven't figured out how to do Perl bindings yet either. Some fun with graphs.


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