g_io_channel_win32_poll() Problem on Windows

I am trying to port a Linux application to Windows that highly depends on GLib. I compiled GLib with MSVC 2015. The application uses g_poll() in a place.  In g_poll() GNOME documentation, it states that
If you need to use g_poll() in code that has to run on Windows, the easiest solution is to construct all of your  GPollFDswith  g_io_channel_win32_make _pollfd().

I will provide some small code segments to provide you insight:

//  In arv_gv_discover_socket_list_new() function            
#ifdef _WIN32
        GIOChannel * channel = g_io_channel_win32_new_socket (discover_socket->socket);
        socket_list->poll_fds[i].fd = g_socket_get_fd (discover_socket->socket);
        socket_list->poll_fds[i].events =  G_IO_IN;
        socket_list->poll_fds[i].revents = 0;
#endif                                          .


// In _discover() function
    arv_gv_discover_socket_list_send_discover_packet (socket_list);  

    do {
#ifdef _WIN32
// g_io_channel_win32_make _pollfd() documentation says call this
        if (g_io_channel_win32_poll(socket_list->poll_fds, socket_list->n_sockets, ARV_GV_INTERFACE_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT_MS) == 0)  
        if (g_poll(socket_list->poll_fds, socket_list->n_sockets, ARV_GV_INTERFACE_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT_MS) == 0)       
            arv_gv_discover_socket_list_free (socket_list);
            return NULL;


As you might guess, in  arv_gv_discover_socket_list_new() function,  GPollFDs are created and in _discover() function, a broadcast message is sent and then  polled for reply. but no luck, still in _discover(), it time outs.  By the way, in Linux, the same application works smootly.
I also checked the discovery packet was actually emitted, and I saw a camera discovery ack packet coming to my network adapter via WireShark.
Since I am newbie to GLib, I cannot be sure if this modification is incorrect or GLib implementation is incorrect. Can you help me to resolve the problem?


PS: The Linux project is Aravis 0.5.9.  (http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/aravis/0.5/)

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