Re: Gtk Gestures

On 04.07, Prashant Kumar wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am trying to catch the gtk "rotate" and "zoom" gestures. I wrote a small
program just to test how they work in gtk. However both callback functions
for "zoom" and "rotate" gesture are getting called even if I make only one
type of gesture, but this shouldn't be correct, Could anyone please explain
me what am I missing here ?
Thank you very much

zoom and rotate gestures will basically always be triggered at the same
time. You can't use your fingers and do a zooming gesture while not
rotating in any way, or vice versa.

If you want to only trigger one of them, you'll have to make up criteria
(like only use the rotate gesture if the rotation is more than 5
degreee) on your own and set the state of the gesture you don't want

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