German "Umlaute" in drag and drop


while developing a application with GTK3 and the C api, I have an issue with files/folder names which are beeing dragged and dropped into the window.

In particular its about "äöü" charaters inside the filename, I assume it is the same with the pathes.

I have a file chooser dialog in my application, which does open/access the files perfectly, even with the "Umlauts" (äöü) and all function handling the work, work as expected.

Only when the same file becomes dragged and dropped, the special symbols are mixed up.

From drag and drop I receive:


Instead of:
file:///home/jan/Schreibtisch/Sächsische Zeitung.pdf

The information is stored and retrieved like this, from a "drag_data_received" event, context.


GtkSelectionData *selData;
gchar **uriList = gtk_selection_data_get_uris(selData);


And is then processed to remove the "%20" characters which works fine.

But I haven't found a way how to get the variant which displays the path like I desire with Umlauts.

Perhaps this is more of a C question, but perhaps someone has a insight in case the problem comes from GTK3 and not C itself.

I tried writing a variant which replaces the writing form with the correct Umlaut symbol, but it just shows me a messed up filename.

Maybe anyone has an answer to this?



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