Re: Non-blocking dialog

On 8/9/2017 11:58 PM, Jim Heald wrote:
Hello there!

I'm writing a GTK+ application in C. In my application I'm running two commands
that take a bit of time; in order to not make it appear that the program has
just frozen, I am wanting to do the following:

1) run the dialog, which has a spinner widget
2) add to the dialog area a message that says what the first command does
3) run the first command
4) add a message saying that the second command is running
5) run the second command
6) add a done message
7) allow the user to click "Ok" to close (or maybe delay for a second and close)

Additionally, I am creating this dialog within a callback (as it is supposed to
appear when the user clicks the "Next" button in the main application).
However, my problem is that the dialog only appears after everything has been
executed and the callback finishes execution. 

I don't know how idiomatic this is, but for some time i've been considering the
idea of ditching most dialog windows and using overlays to convey simple
messages. You can even make them modal (though you'll probably have to manually
disable/reenable other widgets to simulate "modality").

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