Gray out a menu item Edit/copy etc

Hi, I have some GtkMenuItem in my .glade file and I removed the tick in Sensitive flag.  The item is grayed out, good.  Now I need to turn it on/off so that I can use/disable it.  Looking at the Gtk3 manual I am not able to find any reference to sensitive.

A search on the internet gave


To re-enable the menu item:


but I am not able to determine what this is about or if it is up-to-date or how to apply it.  Any ideas there?

Also GtkImageMenuItem is still in glade-3-18-3 but Gtk tell me that it has been depreciated since 3.10.  I got it from the Edit/Hierarchy.  But it looks okay.  Should I change it to GtkMenuItem?  Regards Ian.

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