Re: Combobox and columns

Hi Axel,

How do you want to change the list column combo in your program?

If you use a combo2 box row to change a combo1 box column from a list you might have a "changed" callback that looks something like the following.


GtkCellRenderer *renderer=NULL;
static void change_column(GtkComboBox *combo2, GtkComboBox *combo1)
    gint row=gtk_combo_box_get_active(combo2);
    gtk_cell_layout_set_attributes(GTK_CELL_LAYOUT(combo1), GTK_CELL_RENDERER(renderer), "text", row, NULL);

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Subject: Combobox and columns

Have a liststore with 4 columns. And a combobox with a cellrenderer.
UI made with Glade. Programm is written in C.

How to choose one of the columns out of the liststore to use/show in the
I can set in Glade the actual column but I need it to be done on runtime.


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