GtkRevealer not Working properly

Hi, folks

I'm working on an app with vala (0.34.2) ang gtk+ (3.22.4). I'm also using GtkTemplate. My problem is that I had a GtkRevealer that is not working properly.

The GtkRevealer, with a GtkButton inside, is the child of a GtkGrid. Inside of the same GtkGrid to the right of the GtkRevealer there is a GtkScrolledWindow with de GtkViewport and a GtkTreeView.

The problem is that the GtkRevealer appear visible: false and if I set it visible: true the GtkScrolledWindow do not fill the whole space of de GtkGrid.

I made a video[1] to show the problem in accion. I'll also will copy here[2] the relevant properties of the widgets involved.

I tried a lot of different ways to make it work without any luck, and I couldt't find any clue on google, either.

Best regards,

Andres Fernandez
Software Peronista


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