Re: Gtk.Switch.set_state() without setting active

Hi, I'm not a member of the list, but I read your email in the archive.
I actually sent my email 14 days ago, it seems like it was hold for
moderator approval since.

First, thanks a lot for your work on this! Still, your proposal does not
solve the problem I wanted to solve. I think I didn't explain it
precisely enough: I tried to set the state to False _after_ it was
_already_ set to True (the service runs into an error at some point
_after_ it was started successfully).

I came to the conclusion that this might just not be possible, because
the state is only designed for a delayed state change, but not for a
state change independent from the active state.


cecashon aol com:


 I made a mistake and replied to your e-mail directly. New to the GTK list myself. I re-sent to the list 
and put some test code in Python this time since that is what it looks like you are using. Hopefully things 
work better now.



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I'm using a Gtk.Switch to start/stop a service. I want to use the
"state" property to indicate whether the service is actually running,
and the "active" property to indicate whether the user wants the service
to be running. I got the "delayed state change" described here [1]
working, i.e. when the user turns the switch from off to on, the "state"
is not set until the service is actually running. But then if I use
set_state(False), e.g. because the service ran into an error and exited,
the "active" property is set to False too, which is not what I want. Is
there any way to set "state" without setting "active"?

I hope it's clear what I want to achieve. If not, I can prepare some
screenshots to explain it.


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