Re: Run a GTK application without desktop environment

I highly recommend against this. A window manager should be around to
manage windows, since a lot of functionality to applications is
provided by the WM. Having it missing could cause strange bugs.

Please just use a lightweight window manager like Matchbox or metacity.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 9:33 PM, Göran Hasse <gorhas raditex nu> wrote:
This is quite simple.

You have to send in the geometry to the GTK application so that is self
can decide its geometry.

You don't need any window manager.

I run a lot of FreeBSD computers this way.

In rc.local you run something like


/usr/sbin/ntpdate -s

export DISPLAY

/usr/local/bin/X -ac &

# Let the x-server have time to start
sleep 20

# Connect from any IP
/usr/local/bin/xhost + &

# Remove the cursor from the screen, turn off screensaver
/usr/local/bin/unclutter -root -idle 1 &
/usr/local/bin/xset -dpms &
/usr/local/bin/xset s off &

# set background
/usr/local/bin/xsetroot -solid Grey &

# show local time
export TZ

# Startscript for infotable at LEV
DISPLAY= ./draw-text -x 0 -y 0 -X 896 -Y 307 -g logo -L "" -f 100 &


Note that the gtk-widget have to "resize" itself. So you must program it to
read its own "geometry". x , y , X  Y (and some other stuff).


Den 2016-03-18 kl. 01:30, skrev Anatol Pomozov:

I am trying to implement a simple Kiosk-like web application. The
application will run fullscreen all the time and show web pages. I my
case it will be project's build status. I want to use a simple
computer like a RaspberryPi. And I want to avoid starting heavy
environments like KDE or Gnome.

Is there any good example/tutorial on this topic?

In fact I already have a simple GTK application that uses WebKit
engine. I can run it both in Gnome and without it by using xinit. I
have a few questions about it:

- gtk_window_fullscreen() works fine with Gnome but with xinit it does
not expand the window. Does it mean that fullscreen is actually a DE
feature? What is the best way to make fullscreen app in XWindow? Right
now I use gdk_screen_get_width/height and then set default size.

- If I run webkit in XWindows it shows pages with horrible fonts. How
to make the browser fonts similar to what I see in my Gnome desktop?
Where to start reading about font handling in the modern Linux
graphical stack?

- It looks like Kodi player at RaspberryPi does not not use xinit at
all. It looks like RaspberryPi has a direct framebuffer feature. Is it
possible to do it with my webkit-centric application? I can't find any
details on this topic.

Did anybody make something similar? I would love to hear the
experience in making DE-less applications.
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