How to use x-gvfs-hide on VirtualBox shared folders?


I have an issue in one of my virtualbox VMs. There I have three mounted
shared folders and all of them are also listed in each file chooser
dialog - for example when saving a file in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I want to hide these entries from the list of locations, that can be
selected. On some internet forums I found out that this should be
configurable by setting the option x-gvfs-hide in an /etc/fstab entry.
It seems like this does not work for mounted FS type vboxsf at least.
Those entries are still visible as long as they are mounted. That's
pretty frustating.

So what I want to know now is how can I hide those entries? What could
also be possible is to hide ALL entries from the file chooser dialog
places list on the left side of the dialog. Is there a configuration
option available to hide all entries that comes from parsing /etc/fstab,
etc. I only want to show up my entries from the .gtk-bookmarks file there.

Thanks a lot!

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