GTK+ workshop at my university


I held a GTK+ workshop at the university I'm studying at (the
Kaiserslautern University of Technology). I want to share what I did in
case someone else is planning something similar. Since my workshop has
already happened, feedback will not be immediately useful to me, but
maybe I will offer it again next year if time permits.

The workshop was open to anyone at no cost. I offered it five times for
two days each. This way I only had small groups of about 3–4 people on
average (5 to 6 people if everyone registered had actually come), so I
had time to help everyone individually. Money for food has been provided
for by the university´s student representatives group for computer science.

For the first day and after the usual install troubles, I introduced the
participants to free software, GNOME and the GNU Project. I showed them
the basics of the C programming language and a small GTK+ program.
Later, I presented Glade and let them experiment. On the second day, I
showed them how to manage larger projects using GNU Autotools and GNU
Gettext for translations. It worked pretty well; of course immediately
showing off GTK+ instead of its GLib foundations may be a worse idea
when noone is around to answer questions.

My materials are available online:


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