Font selection panel

 Hi, ALL,
I am trying to see if it's at all possible to create a font selection
panel which can be used
as a page in the notebook/wizard.

What I'm trying to do is to create a "Properties/Options"-like dialog
with the notebook control
and "OK", "Apply", "Cancel" and "Help" button. One of the pages in the
notebook should be
a font selection page.

Looking at the documentation I see there are 2 different classes in
GTK+2 and GTK+3.

In GTK+2 the widget is called GtkFontSelection. However,
unfortunately, this widget lists
a function called gtk_font_selection_set_font_name(), which is marked

It would be very useful for my purpose, but the deprecation warning
doesn't list a replacement.

Is there any?

Or maybe I'm barking at the wrong tree and it would actually be much
easier to use
GtkFontSelectionDialog and simply hide the buttons in it?

Anybody done something like this before?

Thank you and Happy Holidays to everybody on this list!!

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