Re: Gramps 3.4.9 problem with ubuntu 16.04, which may be related to GTK 2.24.30

Michael Torrie schreef op zo 14-08-2016 om 16:25 [-0600]:

On 08/14/2016 02:52 AM, Enno Borgsteede wrote:

Do you know if this will help for Python too? It calls GTK+-2 via
wrapper called PyGTK, I think, and I don't know whether that
bindings look at the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

That's a good question!  I'm not sure. I assume it would since pygtk
uses some C code to connect with GTK+, which probably is linked
to the GTK .so files, rather than dynamically loading them at

I found an odd thing this week, after reading a fellow Gramps user's
comment about Linux versions, and that is that the problems that I have
in the latest Linux Mint, ubuntu, debian, etc., do not show in openSUSE
Leap or Tumbleweed, even though they run the exact same new GTK
version, i.e. 2.24.30.

With this config, there is no index error when I expand the last node
in a tree view, nor slowing down when scrolling to the end of such a
view, or seconds long freezes when I try to expand or collapse a node
near the end of the view, like a group of persons with a surname near
the end of the alphabet. These problems all appear in debian stretch,
Mint 18, and ubuntu 16.04, and I thought they were related to the
latest GTK 2.

They may in fact still be related to that version, because of the way
this tree view is built, but the fact is that it doesn't show on
openSUSE, so I may simply convert, and forget about those other
Linuxes. Cinnamon works quite well on openSUSE too, so I don need Mint
for that.

Anyway, knowing that I got almost no serious response on any GTK list,
and I have no time to figure out how GTK 2 may work in different ways
on openSUSE or those debian based other Linuxes, I think itś much
easier to forget it myself, and hope that other users of those Linuxes
send enough to complaints to get some things done. I will not wait any
longer myself.



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