Re: GDK_IS_WINDOW (window) failed

On 08.08, Stefan Salewski wrote:
No idea. I tried some hours to modify my code, but no change. Is that a
known bug of GTK 3.18? Well, gedit seems to have it not, so there may
be a way to suppress it. Google told me that it may be related to the
realize functions, but that does not really help me removing that

That might be possible of course (especially if your code base does not
contain a widget that creates its own GdkWindows), but the advice is the
same for all criticals and warnings you get: Run in gdb with
G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings or G_DEBUG=fatal-criticals and once you hit the
one you're interested in, print a backtrace (make sure you have
GTK+ debugging symbols).

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