Re: How to grey out menu items


that depends on what your current approach is. Are you building your UI from code, or do you use Glade .ui files?


On 20 Sep 2015 16:51, "richard boaz" <ivor boaz gmail com> wrote:

just a note: doing this "properly" should involve Actions, not widgets.

it is unfortunate that neither GTK's own documentation, along with
most stuff I've read on GUI programming, doesn't emphasize the concept
of Actions as a more basic element of GUI programs.

and i think this is the unfortunate point.  looking at v3 GtkActionable, i am left clueless as to when to use it, how to use it and why.

and googling around pretty much returns nothing to fill in this gap.

so when no easy way exists to learn something new, the usual happens... ;(


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