Re: GTK3 Frame Border - Bug #659926

On Thu, 10 Sep 2015 09:06:09 -0500
richard boaz <ivor boaz gmail com> wrote:

(I am posting to both GTK lists in the hope that perhaps someone has a
work-around for this issue, and if not, then the developers can
perhaps comment?)

After some google-reading, it seems that with GTK-3, control of frame
decorations has been 100% given over to whatever WM is running
whatever theme.  Where this now generally results in GtkFrame widgets
having no border whatsoever regardless the setting made by
gtk_frame_set_shadow_type() .

It was semi-fixed a couple of years ago for the default Adwaita theme:
"semi-fixed" because it only gives you an "etched in" frame.  But that
is enough for most visual grouping purposes on configuration dialogs,
where I find the issue tends to arise most. Obviously that doesn't help
if you are using an older version of GTK+3.


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