Re: What should be used?

On Wed, 2015-07-29 at 13:05 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
If you have legacy code that requires disabling double buffering, you
should probably invest some time into porting it to a proper solution
integrated with the GTK drawing model;

It would be great if someone could port this example to GTK3:

Some months ago I was going to port that to Nim to test my GTK3 and
Cairo bindings ( and
to have one more example.

But then I discovered that this one seems to be still GTK2, and has
gtk_widget_set_double_buffered(window, FALSE);

I may be able to get that C code to compile with GTK3, but unfortunately
I may not be able to make it a really fine GTK3/Cairo example, so it
would not make much sense to convert it to Nim then.

Does someone know another fine small GTK3/Cairo example (C, C++, Ruby,
Python -- or maybe arbitrary other language) which is not outdated?

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