Creating GTK+ 2 key press event

I wrote a small GTK+ 2+ program (in Python) that responds to a button click by sending a gtk.Event to simulate a key press. It works fine on every version of Ubuntu that I have including Kubuntu, but it fails on every version of Lubuntu.


On Lubuntu, the character that gets transmitted by the Event is determined by event.hardware_keycode; event.keyval doesn't matter. On every other platform, the character is determined by event.keyval and event.hardware_keycode doesn't matter.


The problem is that as far as I can tell it is not possible to specify Unicode characters through event.hardware_keycode because they do not have a corresponding key. Unicode works fine on other platforms using keyval.


Does anyone know how to get Lubuntu to behave the same as Ubuntu in this regard?



Jeffrey Barish

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