Re: WHere is the icons

Hi Igor,

Igor Korot 於 2015/8/10 下午 01:28 寫道:
So my question is: are the icons for GTK+3 in a different package that is not
installed by default.
You will need to get the adwaita-icon-theme package and install it... Plus, you will need the librsvg package installed (the SVG GDK-Pixbuf loader, to be specific) to enable GDK-Pixbuf to render it for your GTK+-3.x application, where the default theme is Adwaita, for all platforms...

There is a small program included in GTK+ that will convert the SVG icons to PNG format, but that will actually need the SVG GDK-Pixbuf loader in order to work.

Hope this helps

With blessings.

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