Re: gtk_check_version() confusion

Why do not you test ?

I'm running 3.16.5, with following code:
    const char *lower;
    const char *equal;
    const char *higher;

    lower = gtk_check_version(3, 16, 4);
    equal = gtk_check_version(3, 16, 5);
    higher = gtk_check_version(3, 16, 6);

    printf("The lower is: %s\n", lower);
    printf("The equal is: %s\n", equal);
    printf("The higher is: %s\n", higher);

the output is following:

The lower is: (null)
The equal is: (null)
The higher is: GTK+ version too old (micro mismatch)

so, as you can see:
(check version) <= running version returns null;
(check version) > running version returns error string;

2015-08-09 19:02 GMT-03:00 Igor Korot <ikorot01 gmail com>:
Hi, ALL,
Documentation says:



NULL if the GTK+ library is compatible with the given version, or a
string describing the version mismatch. The returned string is owned
by GTK+ and should not be modified or freed.

So NULL is returned if my GTK+ version is >= than the supplied version
to check for? And the string is returned if not?

Let's say I have 3,12.5 and I want to check if I have >= 3.10.0.

if( !gtk_check_version( 3, 10, 0 ) )

will return true on my system, right? And if I have 3.5.x I will get a
string of some sort.

Thank you.
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Victor Aurélio Santos

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