Another documentation inconsistency

Hi, ALL,

The documentation states:

Adds an activatable widget to the action area of a GtkDialog,
connecting a signal handler that will emit the “response” signal on
the dialog when the widget is activated. The widget is appended to the
end of the dialog’s action area. If you want to add a non-activatable
widget, simply pack it into the action_area field of the GtkDialog

However the call to gtk_dialog_get_action_area() is deprecated since GTK+-3.12.

So, how do I pack thje non-activateable widget in there?

Or I am missing something and I can access the area to pack it differently?

Right now my code is doing this:

gtk_box_pack_end( GTK_BOX( gtk_dialog_get_action_area( GTK_DIALOG( dlg
) ) ), my_widget, false, true, 8 );

Thank you for any pointers.

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